Pancake Burgers: Singapore’s next food trend?

SINGAPORE — We have seen the likes of the cronut (croissant and donut), the sushi burrito and even eggs benedict prata enticing diners here.

Now, here comes the latest food mashup to Singapore: The pancake burger – It’s part of Tiong Bahru Bakery’s (TBB) new dinner menu, and quite simply, the pancake burger is what happens when you mix the breakfast favourite with the American classic.

Tiong Bahru Bakery’s pancake burgers and new dinner menu are only available at its Raffles City Shopping Centre basement outlet and there are a few you can sink your teeth into, such as the PB & B Pancake Burger (S$23).

Succulent, smoky spiced pork belly — the “PB” in the name — is slotted between fluffy pancakes, then topped with maple syrup, salted caramel, peanuts and caramelised bananas (the “B”).
It’s a riot of flavours that, in theory, shouldn’t work together at all, but surprisingly, they do; and it’s the our favourite of the bunch.

If you prefer something more savoury, you’ll love the familiar flavours in the Kim Cheesy Pancake Burger (S$23).

Inspired by Japanese okonomiyaki, the pancakes sandwich a tofu patty, which is showered in sauteed cabbage, green onions, crispy bread crumbs and smoked bonito flakes, making this a better option for those who’d rather not have anything remotely dessert-y for dinner.
But of course, there are other offerings on TBB’s menu that don’t involve pancakes and are worth trying.

The Rainbow Rice Bowl 2.0 (S$22, picture above), for example, is a wholesome combo is filled to the brim with brown and wild rice, crunchy cucumber, avocado, pea shoots, toasted almonds and chorizo, then topped with a sunny-side up and piquant romesco sauce.

And if you have space for more, another must-have is the Hand Pulled TBB Flat Bread (S$18). It takes warm flatbread and tops it with eggplant, green olives, provolone cheese, ricotta cheese, fresh mint, sweet chilli jam and fried herb salsa.

It’s a seemingly simple dish that reveals a perfect blend of tastes and textures with every mouthful.
But those pancake burgers are the star attraction here. Not only are they yummy, they are totally fun to eat. They are also surprisingly filling, so this is one dinner where you’ll want to have with your friends.


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